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When words fail music speaks.
–Irena Huang

What We Offer

While we have our philosophy, methods and experience in teaching music, we do not wish to change anything that already works well with your school’s vision. We are aware that many music educators are artists-in-soul and each have their own, unique way of teaching music. We love and respect music teachers very much! Our goal is not to replace them, but rather to work together as a team and provide services that support growth for teachers as well as administration

Professional Development

Our professional development workshops are designed for music teachers, administration and the entire faculty.

K-8 Music Curricula

Learn about our unique culturally diverse music programs and curricula designed for K-8 grade level.

Artist Workshop

Invite Lior Ben-Hur to your community to experience the transformative power of music education through a special workshop.

Professional Development

Music Education Workshops

We believe that teachers and administrators are the school’s leaders, and when they agree on and understand the role of music in the community, the students are more inclined to follow. Therefore, these PD workshops were created for teacher orientation and professional development days, and are for the entire school’s faculty, staff, and administration. They aim to develop a widespread understanding among the school’s education team about the role and importance of music for the school’s spirit and sense of community.

Workshops Themes:

  • Come Together – The Role of Music in a Community
  • Music by Heart – Building a Spiritual Community
  • I’m Feeling it – Why is Music Essential for Prayer?
  • Global Peoplehood – Diversity Through Music
  • The Big Question – What Do I Mean When I Sing “God”
  • Times are Changing – Music and Prayer in 2023
Children dancing and playing musical instruments.

Music Teachers Workshops

These workshops are specifically tailored for music educators and provide an interactive, hands-on experience. They are designed to empower music educators to enhance their teaching skills, engage students in a meaningful way, and create a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Through the workshops, music teachers will gain practical techniques and strategies that can be immediately applied in the classroom, giving them new tools and ideas to use in their music classes and curriculum.

Workshops Themes:

  • Voice, Rhythm and instruments – Setting the Foundations
  • Learning Music “by Heart” – A Guide to Oral Tradition Teaching
  • Passing on The Torch– Shaping Future Music Leaders 
  • Community Singing – How to Engage Students in Community Singing
  • Creativity is the Key – Giving Students Tools to Express Themselves
  • Technology and Music – Making Music in 2023

Music Programs & Curricula

K-8 Jewish Music Program

Let us assist you in building a comprehensive K-8 Jewish music program at your school, utilizing Music by Heart’s curriculum, philosophy, and values. We understand that every school community is unique and therefore we will work closely with you to tailor our program to meet the specific needs of your students and teachers. Our curriculum is designed to foster a love for Jewish music and culture in your students, while also providing them with the necessary skills to excel in music. Our philosophy emphasizes the connection between heart and music and helps students to develop their own unique voice and expression through music.

Key components:

  • Setting the foundation – Our core elements curriculum (voice, rhythm, and instruments)
  • Jewish Diversity – Globally influenced Jewish music repertoire
  • Israel and Hebrew- Traditional and contemporary music repertoire
  • Musical Instruments – Instrument playing curricula for all ages
  • School Bands – Modern bands and ensembles
  • Music Leadership – Music performances and songleading
  • Creativity – Songwriting and composition
  • Music Production – Use of technology for creating music

One Day – Yavneh Day School

Music by Heart is a comprehensive K-8 Music Curriculum that brings the authenticity of the community, its members, and their talents to the fore.

Jamie Zimmer
Director of Jewish Life and Learning
Yavneh Day School, Los Gatos, CA

For the past two years Music by Heart has worked closely with our administrative team to help us build our music program from the ground up. Lior has done beautiful work with us to set meaningful goals based on deep intentions for our students. From our very first meeting, Lior helped us understand the ways in which music could be a source of connection and community-building for our students and faculty.

–Tania Schweig Head of School
Oakland Hebrew Day School

Custom Designed Music Program & Curricula

We could help you establish a new music education program in your school that aligns with your vision, goals, and objectives. We will provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process, from the initial stages of refining your vision to the final steps of implementing the curriculum and monitoring progress. Our services will be provided for a full school calendar year, which includes crafting a budget, designing a curriculum that aligns with your goals, and offering ongoing consultation to ensure the program stays on track towards your defined vision and objectives.

Extra Curricula & After School Music Program

Our experience has shown that students are more motivated to learn when engaging and dynamic music classes are offered. We would like to share our knowledge and expertise with you on how to create successful extra-curricular music classes that work well in a K-8 school setting. We also have a wealth of ideas on how to supplement your existing music program with a compelling after-school program that will keep students engaged and motivated to learn music outside of regular class hours.

Artist Workshop

Music Education in Action

Lior Ben-Hur is a musician and a music educator with a wide range of experience in both religious and secular environments. He has worked professionally as a touring artist, band leader, formal and informal music teacher, theatre score composer and music director. As an artist in residence, Lior offers a variety of educational and musical workshops for all age groups. These workshops are a firsthand experience of the use of music for community building, using Music by Heart’s values, and are tailored for schools, congregations, summer camps, universities, and community organizations. These workshops provide an opportunity for participants to learn about the power of music in fostering connections and teamwork, and to gain insights into the philosophy of Music by Heart. They are designed to be engaging, interactive and fun for all participants.

Lior Ben-Hur has a special talent for connecting with young people of all ages and backgrounds. His easy going and engaging manner brings them into the music and gets them involved and along the way they learn a great deal.

–  Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder
Be’chol Lashon

Lior and Music by Heart use music as a tool to create a community that experiences the fullness of Jewish life while connecting authentically to everyone in the community.

– Yakir Englander
Senior Director
IAC Gvanim and Leadership Education

Kabbalat Shabbat

Welcome the Bride with Songs

Join Lior for a unique, high-energy musical experience as we welcome the Shabbat. This special event will be an opportunity to celebrate the start of the Shabbat in a fun and uplifting way with music. The event may include singing, dancing, and playing instruments to create a joyful and festive atmosphere to celebrate the Shabbat. The music will include a mix of traditional songs, Israeli songs, and Lior’s original compositions. It is a perfect opportunity to come together with the community, bond and celebrate the Jewish tradition in a fun and musical way while enjoying the diversity of Jewish music.

Musical T’fila

Engage in Prayer

Prayer can be truly meaningful when it touches our hearts. By utilizing Music by Heart’s culturally diverse Jewish repertoire, and Lior’s songleading skills, we can come together as a community to engage in prayer in a way that is authentic and heartfelt. The combination of Music by Heart’s musical offerings and Lior’s expertise in leading prayer through song, creates an immersive and meaningful experience for all participants. Whether you are part of a congregation, schoolm summer camp or community organization, our workshops provide the opportunity to connect with Jewish prayer in a new and meaningful way.

Lior is a wonderful song leader and has a great rapport with both students and adults. When working with my students he made each song approachable and fun yet spiritual at the same time.

– Ariana Estoque
Congregation Emanu-El
San Francisco, CA

Community Band

Learn. Rehearse. Perform.

Does your community have talented musicians who are passionate about playing together, but need guidance in forming a successful band?
Lior’s  workshops can provide the expertise and knowledge needed to create an inclusive community band and grow into a leading musical force. Drawing from Lior’s extensive experience with his own band, these workshops will demonstrate how to develop a cohesive band dynamic, create arrangements, and promote the band. In addition, Lior will provide guidance on how to build a strong community following and develop performance opportunities. These workshops are designed to empower your community’s musicians to form a successful band and take their musical talents to the next level.

Over this past pilot year, Music by Heart and Hillel together created a Jewish student community of talented musicians who loved to learn and perform Jewish music for their peers. Whether it was pre-shabbat musical gatherings, playing at community food festivals, or culminating in beautifying our unique musical High Holiday services at Stanford’s Frost Amphitheater, our whole community experienced great music together.

– Jeremy Ragent
Assistant Director
Hillel at Stanford

Wow!!!! That is the word I think of most often after hearing Lior and his music. Our community brought together our high school religious school students and it was an amazing site to see our students dancing and swaying to Lior’s music. They clapped, tapped their feet and danced – truly an inspiration to see the teens so connected to Lior and his music.

– Lisa Klein
Jewish Federation of Greater Houston

Drum Circle

The Heartbeat of the Community

When community members come together and follow a rhythmic pattern, something magical happens: their hearts sync in and a sense of unity is created. Lior’s drumming workshops provide an opportunity to learn basic and advanced rhythms on the hand drum and experience the power of a drum circle. These workshops will guide participants through the process of creating and playing together in a drum circle. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, these workshops will provide an opportunity to connect with others through rhythm, create a sense of community and experience the power of music.

Songwriting & Composition

The Power to Create

In Lior Ben-Hur’s songwriting workshops, participants will actively learn how a song is born, from the first step of writing lyrics to the final step of song production. Led by Lior, a seasoned songwriter and music producer, these workshops provide an immersive and hands-on experience of the creative process of songwriting. The goal is to engage participants in writing and composing a song of their own, with the guidance and support of Lior’s expertise. These workshops are for musicians, songwriters, and anyone interested in the creative process of music making and are designed to foster creativity, and help participants discover their own unique voice and expression through music.

Workshop Products Examples:

Pirkey Avot Song ProjectGideon Hausner Day School, Palo Alto ,CA

Narrow Bridge – A Community Video with Congregation Beth David

Lior is talented — a creative musician who is highly interested in both process and product. Lior is flexible — a conscientious educator who loves to plan with teachers to create projects that accentuate your current curriculum. Lior is student centered — an imaginative artist truly interested in student voices: their insights, ideas, writing, and singing.

– Aviv Matzkin
Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School
Palo Alto, CA