Cousins Like Us

Our new Jewish music education family program!

Cousins Like Us
is a musical storybook and a groundbreaking and multimedia Jewish family education program. It harmoniously blends the magic of music, immersive storytelling, and cultural exploration as it invites children and families to embark on a remarkable journey of discovery, connecting the American Jewish experience with Israel. Based on traditional Jewish ideals and teachings, modern uplifting ­­songs that incorporate both English and Hebrew, this program provides a cultural exchange between Israelis and American Jews. It includes a music album for parents and children, an educational eBook for children, and an activity guide for educators to use in classrooms and is primarily targeted to Jewish children ages 4-9.

“I am grateful for the transformative experience that Music by Heart provided initially to our Kulanu School families and ultimately to the entire congregation. While it sounds a bit “bombastic” I will not fall short saying that this program has helped us untap the language of the soul (music), allowing us to connect more deeply with our spiritual essence.”

– Rabbi Nico Socolovsky
Senior Rabbi
Congregation Shir Hadash, Los Gatos, CA

“I can surely say that the ‘Cousins Like Us’ program was a huge success in my classroom. The children and I were able to follow the beautiful music and creative videos, have deep discussions and conversations that led us as individuals and as a group to deeper understanding of each aspect taught in class.”

– Limor Glotzer Amara
Gan Teacher
Yavneh Day School, Los Gatos, CA


Music Album/Audiobook:

A sensational audio experience of Cousins Like Us created especially for children and parents to listen to and sing along with while in the car or simply relaxing at home.

Educational eBook

An illustrated version of the story and music with an interactive technological experience that incorporates written Hebrew

Curricula & Activity Guide

A teaching curricula created especially for Jewish music educators and Jewish studies teachers who want to teach about Israel, Jewish values and Jewish music through the lens of ‘Cousins Like Us’.

“ As a parent, I loved learning the songs with my children in tefillah and singing them at home…The children were filled with pride and joy as they shared this wonderful music with the Congregation.”

– Trista Berstein
Congregation Shir Hadash, Los Gatos, CA

Creative Team

“ Perhaps the greatest success of the program was the integration of new music within our community and during tefillah…Students and parents commented how this program was a highlight of the religious school year, a testament to the thought, work, and joy Music by Heart put into its production and development.”

– Rabbi PJ Schwartz,
Associate Rabbi Educator
Congregation Shir Hadash, Los Gatos, CA