Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
– Berthold Auerbach

We understand that every school is unique and has its own specific needs when it comes to music education. Our nonprofit organization has worked with a variety of schools and we are well-versed in the challenges that schools may face. Some schools may already have established music programs that they wish to enhance, while others may be looking to build or completely re-envision a new music education program from scratch. We are dedicated to helping you with your specific needs by providing a range of services for you to choose from. Whether you need help with curriculum development, program assessment, teacher training, or any other aspect of your music program, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

We Are Here to Help

Lior has supported our music teacher, meeting regularly as a thought-partner and helping us understand how to best support our music teacher’s success. Lior has made important practical recommendations as well, sharing Music by Heart’s curricular ideas, helping us develop a school repertoire tailored to our unique character as a school, and sharing logistical recommendations as needed.

Tania Schweig
Head of School
Oakland Hebrew Day School

We offer consultation services for schools and department administrators that are designed to help professionals who are in charge of the school’s direction and vision, become more clear about the role of music and music education in their school. Our goal is to align the music program with the school’s culture, identity, and values. Our services include an examination of the current music program, key questions to help define and clarify your vision and goals, and providing tools and ideas to help you move forward towards your objectives. With our guidance, you will be able to create a music program that aligns with your school’s mission and vision and benefits your students for years to come.