Helping schools and organizations build community through music education

Music by Heart is a non-profit music education organization founded by Israeli musician and educator, Lior Ben-Hur. The organization is dedicated to supporting music educators, community leaders, and administrators build community through music.

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“Music is a spirit that lives in all of our hearts. When we come together these musical experiences expand and flow beyond the individual. We relate and connect to one another, and music becomes the heartbeat of the community.”

– Lior Ben-Hur

What We Offer

Cousins Like Us

Our new multimedia Jewish children’s edutainment program that provides a cultural exchange between Israelis and American Jews through music and storytelling.

Programs & Music Curricula

Learn more about our culturally diverse programs, music curricula and workshops.

Children age 9 playing wind instruments


Our step by step guidance and consultations help administrators bring their vision of a music program to life and facilitate community building through music.

Artist Workshop

Experience the unique opportunity to have Lior Ben-Hur lead a community-building musical workshop, and harness the power of music to strengthen connections.